Friday, October 9, 2009

Snow, Denver. I dare you.

I did it! I ran in the snain yesterday. I just learned that word and I find it a great explanation of the weather we had yesterday.

Anyway, I'm totally tough now.

When I started running, it was fully snowing. Then it must have warmed up a bit because the snow turned to rain and eventually stopped altogether. I wore my full-length tights and long sleeve shirt and topped it off with a huge windbreaker. I don't have anything that is officially waterproof (except for my ski jacket, but come on dude that thing is way too heavy for running), so I wore an old adidas jacket and I did alright.

For tomorrow's "long" run (only 6 miles, woohoo!), I plan to use the same kit, but I'll also try to find a pair of gloves and an ear-warmer/headband. Why all the planning and concern over my attire? We run at 7AM. There's a 70% chance of snow. Not even snain because it's going to be too flipping cold.

6 am


Feels Like
9 am


Feels Like
12 pm


Feels Like
3 pm


Feels Like
6 pm


Feels Like
9 pm


Feels Like

Bring it on. I'm tough now.

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Lisa said...

One word: YUCK. I don't know how you guys do it in the snow and cold temps. I'm cold when it's below 70 degrees. Major props to you. Have fun tomorrow.